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It is your employees and their competencies that ensure your business results. When you succeed in recognising and developing these competencies, you can be confident that the results will follow.

Recognising growth potential

When you want to hire a new employee or several employees apply for an internal promotion, you are faced with crucial decisions. It is very important that you select the competencies your company needs and link them to the right responsibilities.

Because it is your employees and their competencies that determine your company’s success, you should preferably not base this decision solely on your gut feeling. An Assessment Centre will then help you to objectify and refine your decision.

The power of Assessment Centres

During an Assessment Centre, behaviour is central. Participants’ competencies are not judged on the basis of what they claim to be good at, but on the basis of their observable behaviour. Hudson has always taken a pioneering role in the field of assessment methodology.

Our Assessment Centres are scientifically based and continuously updated according to the latest insights. The basic feature of an Assessment Centre is the simulation technique. The simulation exercises and business cases put participants in a neutral setting, in which they spontaneously show how they typically behave in a professional context and which competencies they use in that context.

A valid indicator

Scientific research has long demonstrated the validity of the assessment technique. By adding assessment exercises, business cases, intelligence tests, personality questionnaires and in-depth interviews to the regular interview, you will have a much more powerful and objective tool to make the right decision. This allows you to better predict whether someone is suitable for a particular role.

Together at the wheel

Our collaboration starts with defining the competencies that make the difference for your organisation. We can use our own 5+1 Competency Model® or base ourselves on your own competency model. Each assessment centre is also different in order to match the day-to-day reality of your organisation as closely as possible. During their company visits, our consultants immerse themselves in the DNA, company culture, language and preferences of the organisation. They then incorporate these insights into their approach for your participant.

We then draw up the Assessment Centre’s programme together, so that we can set the right emphasis. Depending on your requirements, we work with custom-developed tools and cases, or choose from our own range of tools and exercises.  Our R&D department is constantly developing new tools in several languages and for different sectors. Innovation is crucial here. An Assessment Centre can focus on an individual, but equally well on a group, for example in the context of graduate recruitment. In addition, the various components of such an Assessment Centre can take place either face-to-face or remotely.

The hiring manager or an HR employee from your organisation can also observe and experience the Assessment Centre together with us at all times in complete transparency.

Valuable feedback

Participants receive feedback throughout the Assessment Centre, so that the assessment is also a valuable and instructive experience for them. Both client and participant are given a good insight into the available competencies, pitfalls and growth areas.

At the end of the Assessment Centre you will receive a detailed report with our findings and recommendations. Which strengths fit seamlessly with the position, how much growth potential does someone have and does he or she fit into your organisational culture? If, for example, someone fits your vacancy well enough but not perfectly, you will also find out what development initiatives you need to take in order to maximise your employee’s potential. Assessment Centres provide a well-founded and objective basis on which to base your selection decisions and internal mobility.

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