Interim Management

When cyclical fluctuations in the economy call for greater flexibility and a more cautious outlook, Interim Management is a fast and effective way to cover shortages of resources or internal expertise in the short term.

Right skills at the right time

Whether you run an SME, a multinational or a public sector department, your organisation will face challenges that seem beyond your internal knowledgeor current resources. An important project, for instance, that requires specific know-how, a hold on recruitments, organisational changes that must be kept on track or a manager who is in need of replacement in few days’ time.

Interim management provides a way to import high-level management capacity quickly to cope with business-critical issues or bridge transitional periods. Interim managers offer the skills you want and employ them when you need them most.

Interim Management is not temporary employment

Interim Management should not be confused with temporary employment. Temporary employment allows a business to achieve a temporary increase in production, for example, whereas interim management is about a rapid deployment of expertise by highly-qualified and experienced managers or experts for a specific task or in the short- to medium-term.

According to Federgon, there has been a sharp rise in the demand for temporary managers. The double-digit growth of interim management in recent years reveals an increasingly systematic use of this management tool by shareholders, boards of directors, management committees and personnel managers. A flexible approach to the executive role has become a viable alternative for many entrepreneurs.

No assassins around the corner

The sudden appearance of a highly-qualified interim manager in the workplace can raise questions and uncertainties among your personnel. Are jobs at risk if the interim manager does well? These interim managers always have a clearly-defined job description and contract, so they are never an immediate threat.

What is more, they counterbalance and effectively complement your permanent staff. Previous experience in similar situations allows interim managers to hit the ground running, tackle specific challenges and anticipate pitfalls and problems before they arise. They are ideally placed to take difficult decisions objectively, because they have no lasting ties with the company and are outside the realm of personal influence and the internal power relations.

Race against time

Things move quickly at management level. In some situations, not filling the management roles (in time) can place your company's integrity and continuity at risk. Our business consultants are trained to walk you through the process of quickly and effectively setting the limits to an assignment. Is it a general manager you are looking for? A project manager, or crisis manager? Or are you in need of operational experts?

We like to gather the facts before we get the process started. We go through our database and our extensive network to find the right candidates. With their flexible status, interim managers are accustomed to keeping ahead of the curve, and within a few days we will have put together a selection of rock-solid profiles for you. At Hudson, ‘rock-solid’ means: all the right references, and descriptions that ring true, which enables you to find the experience and versatility to meet your needs.

Indeed, some very wide-ranging profiles can arrive as interim managers through Hudson. When your need is at its greatest you will want a partner of the highest quality, who understands your needs and your reasons for sourcing and engages the right people quickly.

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