As an HR Officer Onsite you will have the opportunity to gain experience at short notice with interesting organisations that need temporary reinforcement.

Help make a difference

Whether it is an SME, multinational or governmental institution, every organisation is faced with a difficult HR challenge at one time or another. The sudden loss of an experienced HR collaborator, an unfilled internal recruiter vacancy, an important transformation project or a lack of clarity over the HR budget can quickly turn up the pressure on an HR team.

Through contracting, you as an HR Officer Onsite can then support the organisation on a project basis and help make a difference. With your fresh perspective, experience, adaptability and HR knowledge, you give their permanent HR staff the necessary breathing space in the short term. This way you soon restore that air of positivity to the organisation and the HR team.

Working as an HR Officer Onsite

As an HR Officer Onsite you will be on the Hudson payroll and will work on a project basis for our clients. Before you start with Hudson and on a project, we want to get to know you as well as possible. Through an intake interview, online testing and an assessment center, we map out your personality, expertise, competencies and motivators. In this way we can select assignments that perfectly match your profile.

After that you will follow a short induction programme and some additional training that will prepare you to carry out your role as an HR Officer Onsite with our clients. We not only want to impart give you not only our knowledge and methodology, but also ensure our values .

When we receive a specific assignment, we investigate whether there might be a match for you with both the client and the content of the project. After a positive evaluation on both sides, the collaboration of approximately 6 months can start.

At the end of your project, Hudson usually quickly proposes a new assignment.  You will therefore have the opportunity to gain a great deal of experience in the short term with different types of companies in different sectors, to get a taste of different company cultures and team dynamics, to step into exciting projects and to take on challenging roles.

Hudson stays close

Throughout your career as an HR Officer Onsite, you will remain closely associated with Hudson. You will be part of a close-knit team of professionals who work on similar projects for other clients and with whom you can exchange knowledge and experiences. Moreover, you can contact our coaches at any stage of your contracting projects. They will monitor you closely from the side line. In addition, Hudson also provides further training so that you can continue to grow as an HR professional and take steps forward.

Why become an HR Office Onsite?


You will learn all about our Hudson search, selection, testing and assessment methodology.


You will have the opportunity to step into exciting projects and take on challenging roles with both SMEs and larger market players.


No two days are the same, because you will work on a project basis within our clients’ HR team.

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