Industry & Manufacturing

Industry & Manufacturing

Much is at stake in this sector in terms of HR. Hudson assists these decision makers on a daily basis to formulate answers to their challenges.

Industry is an important foundation of our local, national and global economy. Technological progress and the continuous pressure to innovate often result in impressive achievements. However, global competition, lowering production costs and increasingly strict environmental legislation are also major challenges in this sector. There is also a lot at stake in the field of HR: focusing on employer branding in times when technical professions are not always valued, attracting talented profiles, implementing salary increases, investing in further training and retraining, etc. Hudson is the decision-makers in this sector daily to formulate answers to these challenges.

A-kwadraat is a custom-solutions company for more than 500 people with disadvantages on the labour market.

BMT Group, an industrial family business, is best known for its gear and glass activities.

John Cockerill puts its innovative power and years of expertise to use in the development of unique, large-scale industrial solutions.

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