Permanent Recruitment

As many employers can relate, not every recruitment procedure goes as planned. To avoid frustration when looking for the best talent it is often a good idea to turn to an experienced HR partner.

Frustration-free recruitment

Many companies believe the old adage, ‘If you want a job done well, do it yourself’. Who else has a better grasp of the business processes, knows the needs of the organisation and your unique business culture?

Finding the right talent, as many organisations discover, is hardly ever a stroll in the park. And recruiting the wrong person can prove expensive. An external specialist in permanent recruitment can make the process less daunting and relieve your HR of much of the burden.

Blinker-free recruitment

Because every company and every recruitment process is unique, we like to form a good picture of the reasons for the recruitment beforehand. Why recruit? We like to talk your reasons through, and we might even challenge your reasoning. Are you looking for a ‘carbon copy’ of the predecessor? Is it absolutely necessary to recruit two profiles when one stronger profile will do, provided the responsibilities are juggled internally? And how bitter is the war for talent in your industry?

We take an open-minded look at whether it would be worth your while to search further, beyond the traditional or most obvious profiles. After all, by being creative now you can afford to be more critical in the final selection.

Critical recruitment with a broad scope

We generally draw from our own database, which has grown through historical records and experience over the years. We might employ different media channels or use direct search to discreetly and pro-actively uncover the best talent. For hard-to-find profiles an omni-channel approach often unearths a surprising number of interesting candidates. 

When identifying candidates’ skill sets our recruitment specialists like to keep the scope as broad as possible. Their knowledge of the job domains specific to a variety of industries puts them in a position to assess the true value of a candidate’s references and strengths. They also use our tools and tests to evaluate candidates’ analytical, organisational and interpersonal skills.

“Searching for more than just the right skill set is more likely to produce a long and positive relationship.”
An Bels

We certainly don’t confine ourselves to the paper skills. When it comes to establishing a long-term relationship, a good cultural fit with your organisation is at least as important. Is the candidate really a good fit for your company? And if not, is that an insurmountable problem or are there ways to facilitate or perhaps develop that fit?

The best candidate is not always the right one

We draw on a variety of sources to advise you on every candidate, such as face-to-face interviews, reference checks and online tests. We even put the final candidate through our assessment center. It is an approach that was pioneered by Hudson in 1982, and we now conduct annually over 10,000 interviews and 4,000 assessments.

The candidate who does best in the tests is not necessarily the right candidate for your business. If you are not certain about a profile we will continue the search until you are entirely satisfied with the candidate in front of you.

Speed matters

Does critical recruitment seem at odds with your recruitment time frame? The perceived discrepancy between speed and rigour does not hold at Hudson. We make clear agreements at the initial meetings, which allow us to complete the recruitment process at the time specified.

Dotting the i’s

After every recruitment process our compensation & benefits specialists advise you on the rewards befitting the new employee’s role This gives your relationship a firm basis on which to build and helps you defend against enticements from your competitors.

Dotting the i's also means that we monitor the successful candidate's integration and performance to help you preserve the longevity of the recruitment.

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