Data Security

When building HR tools, Hudson processes a lot of confidential data, such as names, addresses, assessment results, salary data, you name it. We protect this data in the best possible way without compromising on convenience.

Strong and secure HR

Our globally recognised R&D Centre of Excellence is constantly developing new and scientifically based HR tools. These tools contain the personal and HR data for candidates, employees, and survey participants. Handling this information in the most secure manner is one of Hudson’s priorities. To ensure this, we have implemented measures that will optimally protect your data without compromising on your convenience.

Code before password

Passwords that end up in a mailbox and are stored there in a readable form represent a significant security risk. That’s why we don’t choose the passwords in our tools ourselves, nor do we have them generated automatically. Instead of sending out an email with the password in it, our users receive a one-time activation code to activate their account. The users then choose a password that, in combination with their email address, gives them access to the HR tool. By default, we ask you to choose a strong password that complies with our policy.  As a customer, you can also opt for a stricter password formula.

This activation procedure is as easy as sending passwords, while it significantly increases security for users. We then securely store the chosen passwords via irreversible encryption. It is still possible to check passwords when logging in, but it is impossible to retrieve the password. If you lose your password, you can request a new one. Of course, a password will also expire over time, after which the user can renew it.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication, which makes access control stricter, has taken off in recent years. Hudson’s HR tools also allow you to set up a two-factor authentication procedure. The user needs both factors to gain access. This invariably involves something that the user knows (e.g. a password) and something that the user possesses (e.g. a mobile phone on which they receive a code via text message).

Integration ensures convenience

Increasingly more companies are noticing that their employees are having trouble seeing the forest for the trees when it comes to passwords. Hudson uses ‘open authentication’ to solve that problem. This strict security protocol allows you to use a company account for multiple applications. For example, logging into Hudson’s ERP account and HR tools can be done securely using the same data. If an employee leaves the company, access to all the relevant applications is also automatically revoked.

Security audits

Hudson has its systems audited regularly to ensure the continued security of our HR tools. A specialised IT security partner checks how watertight the system is, as well as providing the coaching and development for our own IT and development department. They also provide us with insight into new developments in the field of security.

This guidance enables us to link security to convenience in any new HR tool or in adjustments to existing tools. We design each application, each screen, each button, and all data in the certainty that they are only accessible to people with permission.

Beware of phishing messages

Beware of phishing messages on behalf of Hudson. Open vacancies are offered via Whatsapp with a request for more information. These are fraudulent messages sent by scammers because Hudson does not conduct such communication via Whatsapp. Have you received a similar message? Do not share any personal data or sensitive information. Block and report the phone number in question.

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