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The term ‘agility’ has become somewhat of a staple, but is your company truly ready for the agile way of working? Your employees are key when it comes to implementing an agile methodology. How can they function optimally and even flourish in a rapidly changing environment?

Agility is here to stay

In a rapidly changing and uncertain world that is complex and ambiguous on top of that, a need emerges for a different way of working. Companies change their business models, discover alternative distribution channels, switch markets and change their position in the supply chain at a much higher rate than ten years ago. When changes take place at such a high pace, it is of great importance that your employees are sufficiently agile to keep up. This demands a set of competencies that is often described as agility.

An important step in the transition to this way of working is investing in knowledge about how your people handle an agile context. To whom is the agile working method second nature, who is ready for it after some targeted coaching and which employees will not prosper in this type of work environment at all? Insight into the capacities and growth potential of your people in this regard, supplemented with coaching and training where necessary, will make the switch to agile a lot easier.

Agility is an attitude, not a talent

The Hudson Agility Lab© is a Development Center with a highly specific focus on the agile attitudes of people. We find out if someone is able to function in an agile environment and what attitudes will surface. In an Agility Lab©, we simulate the context that today’s organisations operate in and where participants can learn and experiment with agile behaviour. We give participants incomplete business cases with uncertain information that changes in real-time under increasing time pressure via various channels. What team members manage to realise a minimum product in time? Who succeeds in generating impact in the absence of hierarchy? Who shows resilience in the face of changing objectives?

During the Agility Lab©, your employees develop new skills as agility is brought into the world of Development Centers. We employ the Hudson methodology which guarantees objectivity, validity and a scientific foundation.

The output of a track can be highly diverse. Do you want to identify employees who function well in an agile environment or are you aiming for targeted training and development? Geared to your needs, you will receive a report with the scores per competency or an overview of strengths and points of attention of your team in an agile environment. Next, we can provide highly interactive learning and coaching sessions. In these development sessions, we combine role play, feedback moments and coaching elements.

Agile Attitude Model

Hudson used the input from 25 companies to formulate a skill set that acts as a foundation for our Agility Labs©. Key competencies in an agile work environment:

  • Think: Think fast & creatively
  • Act: Emraces change & initiate action 
  • Endorse: Guides people through change & enables potential
  • Connect: Creates impact & leverages through relations
  • Reflect: Resilient & learns from experience 

Based on these five agile clusters, you can recruit talent, select and develop in our Agility Lab©.

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