Development Centers

More and more companies are convinced that the growth of their company depends on the growth of their employees. How to maximise on the potential of their employees however, often remains an unanswered question. Development Centers can provide an answer: revealing what direction your employee wants to develop into and giving you the ability to facilitate a tailored educational track.

Not evaluating but evolving

While an Assessment Center is a recruitment tool that focuses on assessing people, a Development Center clearly focuses on evolution. Doubts may arise during the personal journey of employees or when your organisation wants to implement a different way of working. How can you help people grow in a direction that matches their talents and interests? How can you facilitate their growth? What skills do your people need to be successful in new situations? 

In a Development Center, coaches and your employees work together to explore the potential and desirable growth curve. The session takes place in an open sessions with a focus on growth and development. Based on questionnaires, business cases, role playing and confidential discussions, a fitting career path and journey is drawn up.

Employees in the driver’s seat

The high-density learning experience of a Development Center stimulates the employee to take control of their own career. This individual setting offers plenty of room for the employee's own input, resulting in a tailored development track. Will we kick off with a questionnaire, an in-depth discussion or some role playing to experiment with leadership styles? The coaches offer goal-oriented guidance but the decision is up to the employee. 

Our coaches are certified and experienced in the Hudson methodology, known for validated, objective and substantiated advice. Coaching can take place face-to-face or remotely. The exact detailing of the track emerges on the participant’s initiative and in consultation with yourself.

From Development Center to Personal Development Plan

After the sessions with an experienced coach, a sound picture is formed of the potential, strengths, danger zones, derailers and blockades. The result of a Development Center is a report with a Personal Development Plan (PDP). These insights are included in the plan. With a PDP under their arm and a head full of tips and tricks to practice with, the participant is guaranteed to walk away with confidence.

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