Multi-Source Feedback provides you with a comprehensive picture of your employees’ professional performance from different perspectives and helps you to support them in their personal growth.

Uncovering talents and growth potential

Most people who sing in the shower usually believe they are marvellous. But are they really? How much can you trust someone’s self-assessment? If an audience were present, they would provide a more differentiated view because you can compare the various opinions.

The same is true if you want to gain insight into your employee’s professional performance. Gathering feedback from different people in the professional work environment can help you to objectify subjective perceptions and encourage an open discussion.

Multi-Source Feedback can thus contribute to uncovering the talents and growth potential of your employees. It can be a starting point or an interim benchmark in their personal development.  

Qualitative feedback

In Multi-Source (or 360°) Feedback, more than two people give their opinion on an employee’s professional performance. They could be managers as well as coaches, colleagues, or even suppliers or customers.

These participants are given a qualitative questionnaire based on Hudson’s generic 5+1® competency model. This online questionnaire makes it possible to set up an objective survey covering a selection of those competencies. To map leadership potential, Hudson developed the unique Leadership Potential questionnaire. We can also work with your organisation's competency model and/or questionnaire.

A structured setup, follow-up, and transparent communication are crucial in a Multi-Source Feedback project. This is how you can guarantee the participants’ engagement and the quality of the feedback the recipients receive. To this end, Hudson uses a self-developed platform: the Audit Questionnaire Management Dashboard. The AQM Dashboard makes it possible to closely monitor each feedback project and send targeted communications to the participant groups.

Feedback mapped

The feedback from all participants is grouped in an individual employee report that can be used to further guide their personal development process. Hudson is happy to hear what types of report elements and presentation methods you prefer.

We will review these with you to ensure they are compatible with your existing questionnaires and chosen presentation methods. This flexible way of working allows you to completely customise the output to meet your project’s objectives.

Care & guidance

It is important to give feedback at the right time and in the right way. Otherwise, the effect might be unexpected. The insights and views of the various respondents may contradict each other. This can make it harder for the recipient to process the feedback, let alone act on it.

For these reasons, organisations must try to avoid confusion as much as possible and provide sufficient guidance in interpreting the information. That is why we offer individual sessions, group workshops, or targeted coaching and development programmes.

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