Healthcare organisations require special attention in terms of human resources. Recruiting & developing talent for this sector not only demands a thorough understanding of its' specific nature and evolutions, but also the ability to think ‘outside the box’ and the skill to build a broad network with all key stakeholders within the sector.

The importance of HR within the healthcare industry

The healthcare sector has faced several decades of successive reforms, skills transfers and changes to funding mechanisms in addition to undergoing regular technological developments. These structural changes have naturally had a considerable impact on the management of organisations in this sector and their staff.  In this way, in addition to having to manage standard issues in terms of HRM, HRDs in the sector face more specific and/or acute challenges such as the structural shortage of a growing number of profiles (which has been exacerbated further by the Covid 19 pandemic), questions of value and meaning, unparalleled diversity in contracts and work patterns (which are often atypical) or a division of labour which tends towards the greater specialisation or even hyper-specialisation of occupations.

Our approach for the healthcare sector

In summary, human resources management in healthcare is extremely complex and therefore requires understanding of so many aspects that a specialised external partner, such as the Hudson Healthcare team, can really add value to organisations in this sector. And this is what it has done for over twenty years.

With its in-depth knowledge of organisations in the sector and their specific culture and workforce, the Hudson Healthcare team is involved in recruitment & selection, executive search (the rarity of certain profiles often requires a direct approach) and assessment & development centres (to assess the skills expected which are constantly changing), in payroll management or even strategic HR consultancy in reorganisation or merger contexts, for example.

Strong partnerships

Hudson Healthcare knows the stakeholders in the healthcare sector well and has formed close, trusting and lasting relationships with them over the years. Empathy, mutual understanding and a desire to be part of a long-term partnership are all the guarantees of success that this team offers both its clients and the candidates in the sector. Our network of relations extends from professionals in the sector to universities and federations as well as the boards of directors for whom we work.

Recruiting for the healtcacre industry

In terms of recruitment & selection and executive search, Hudson Healthcare finds and recruits people with profiles specific to the healthcare sector every day, such as management experts from department heads to specialist or consultant doctors as well as people with executive profiles for hospitals, retirement and/or care homes and even for any other type of institution in the sector.

Finding the right talent 

Aside this, our employees also regularly recruit people with more generic profiles or those who are less specific to the sector, from IT project managers to a finance or human resources managers. The combination of our knowledge of the healthcare sector with our expertise in other sectors of the economy covered by Hudson's colleagues is a significant and unique advantage that adds true dynamic to these recruitments. 

How we make a difference

Hudson Healthcare has a large bank of talent data comprising different types of profile operating in the healthcare sector, with very advanced search parameters. We also use unique and proprietary tools, such as our annual salary survey (which also covers the healthcare sector), the HR barometer that we conduct on an annual basis in collaboration with Vlerick Business School or our TopEx salary study which is focused on remuneration packages for senior executives. Not to mention our selection tools developed by our own R&D department. All these tools and information sources are therefore at our disposal for all the HR assignments that we carry out with our clients in the sector, in particular our strategic HR consultancy assignments aiming to develop and implement HR policies for optimisation or in a reorganisation or merger context.

How can we help you?

In summary, in addition to recruitment and selection as well as executive search in the healthcare sector, our consultants may also help you in the following fields:

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